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About Hotel Mount View

We will make you feel right at home

Contemporary Design - Mount View hotel is a blend of contemporary design and International services standards, offering a unique staying experience to the discerning traveller. Whether you are here at Hotel Mount View for a day or more, you will never get lost or bored. The surroundings keep you lively and the scenery around keeps you enchanted.

You can pick and choose from the 43 plus rooms. Recently renovated, most of the rooms have a panoramic View of the Hills.

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Luxury Hotel - It is a luxury hotel available at rates which does not pinch your pocket. The rooms are airy and fresh. The Terrace gives you enough Sun in winters. Situated in the heart of the main Mcleodganj market it is peaceful and free from any noise. Main Square Mcleodganj is walking distance from here, so is the Bus Stand

The shops around the hotel offers you a mix of essentials .to memorabilia, food, clothing, artefacts. A step out of the Hotel takes you in the market. It lets you stroll around the market, the restaurants, the shopping areas, The memorabilia shopping experience, the Food joints, the Tibetan joints offering Momo's, Thupka (Tibetan Noodle Soup with lots of Vegetables).